What You See is not What You See

An Augmented Reality Installation - 2014

What You See is not What You See, 2014
Installation; augmented reality software, 4 screens, projector
Variable size
Ed. 4

In a room, the condition of being surrounded on all four sides, is transformed into a physical condition; the art work invades the viewer. Projected from the middle of the ceiling, an amorphous object is both the work and the simulacrum of the work. While we don’t know what we are looking at, the projection being on the ground instead of on the wall, the screens on all four sides evoke a feeling of being followed, going beyond mere interaction. The viewer goes from viewing to being viewed, watched, maybe recorded, carrying a concern of perhaps leaving a trace in the exhibition. In other words, the relationships of consumer-the consumed, the viewer-the viewed is subverted with a simple gesture through a work that is there but not there, a work that follows us and that pushes our paranoias very close to the surface.

Merve Ünsal

Ed. 1 Owned by Vehbi Koc Foundation