Interactive Participatory Story Telling

Interactive Participatory Story Telling
Variable Dimensions

This is a piece I have developed during my European Graduate School PhD Session in May 09. After having long conversations about how language shapes almost everything in life through our communication habits and tactics, I have came up with the idea of “Languageless”. I have given a well-known story Frog Prince to the participants, but the text was written in completely Turkish, and didn’t mean anything to the participants, since none were a Turkish speaker. I have asked them to read the text aloud to me, and recorded their voices. Later, after finishing reading the text, I have asked the participants as if they had understood the text and interpretate what the story says in English. Many created their own stories very quickly, it was a great pleasuse to observe people’s creativity in this experimental study. For the presentation purposes, I have created a localization interactive art piece, there if one stands at an interval in front of the camera, the presented character varies through a smooth transition, so that any one who is interacting with the piece can walk in front of the projection to manipulate the presented material. The Turkish reading was played from the left speaker, and the English interpretation was played from the right speaker, and the real text was printed on screen synchronized.

Owned by Vehbi Koc Foundation

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