I want to hug every one really tight and shout, “Stop!” We have to stop, because if we don’t, we can’t see one another. Stop and give a good hug to others! Like a nut threading onto a bolt and holding it tight, let’s be steady as a rock and start shaking! If we shake we can be noticed. Although, not with the same movement, but rather without knowing how it is, without questioning it by asking ‘Is it meaningless?’…
In “Cohesion”, you will be able to see the small vibration motors which I’ve been working on for a while as well as the refined aesthetic states of the works I’ve created. I continue to produce works which feed on the chaos and order with their plain states that reach all the way to absolute form. Technological oddities that make noise, move, vibrate and hide themselves from us reveal themselves to me as the tangible stances of indescribable states.