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Two Lines of Rhythm

Selcuk Artut / Two Lines of Rhythm

Two Lines of Rhythm
Sound Art, 2021
Train tracks, mechanical sound generators, electronic control
Exhibition: Taksim Maksim – Dönüşüm
Curator: Ayça Okay
Project Assistant: Berke Baramuk
Thanks: Eren Kondul – Zilberman Gallery, DDF
#beyoğlukültüryolu #soundart #sonicarts #electronicarts #exhibition #contemporaryart

During my primary school years, we lived in a teacher’s lodging in Izmir for a few years. This campus, which was a large high school campus, was closed on one side by a high and long wall. At that time, neither my mind nor my stature could allow me to guess why that wall was there and what was behind it. One day I went to visit a friend’s house from primary school. The house was a very old structure made of wood. While we were playing various games together, all of a sudden, the house started to shake noticeably. When the noise of the rising voices turned into a strong train, I realized that a train was speeding right by the house. It turned out that every time that train passed, the house was exposed to strange vibrations. And what kept us safe from this situation on the other side, in the lodging, were those long and high walls. Now I look back to the present. Those walls have surrounded us, sometimes visible and sometimes invisible. Even though we are going on the same train, our individual living conditions in the society we live in are developing in an extremely disconnected way from society. Those walls that we started to build with our own hands continue to rise day by day at the speed of a train that has lost its brake and gone astray.