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Square Root

Selcuk Artut / Square Root

Artwork: Square Root
Technique: Mixed media installation – four screens, stainless steel, fluorescents, software
Exhibited at: Zilberman Gallery, Berlin, Germany

Arbitrariness is not unintentional. Unacquainted opportunities remain consolidated even when they are ignored completely. A mind-boggling flash of light reaches its destination unless it is directed unintended. Otherwise, its shape shifts into deep underwater darkness. There you become boundless, and all the metrics dissolve into a unique pattern. Repetition disintegrates arbitrariness into its constituents. Minute details envelop the sense of singularity.

Size : 45 x 45 x 20 cm each (w x h x d)

Photo: Chroma, Kayhan Kaygusuz, Selçuk Artut

Video Documentation: Habituation Exhibition, Zilberman Gallery Berlin