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More and Morse

Selcuk Artut / More and Morse

Sound Sculpture
Laser, vibration motors, electronics, 164x20x6cm

When faced with monotony as a conscious or unconscious choice, we begin to consume the moment while being unwittingly delirious about a cycle surrounding the self. As the consumed
moment slips away into nothing, it looks for a way to run out and be rapidly forgotten, as though becoming a faint yet paced music crushed under our delirious feet.
However, that monotony allows us to create a metric that enables us to collectively perceive the speed of passing time in relation to the lived time. Time is flowing, we persistently measure time and evaluate our past life. The average person lives 4160 weeks, blinks 28.800 times a day, breathes 325.000.000.000 times, and yet falls in love only four times throughout their life. Their heart can only four times hum a song that has never been sung before for another person. As long as the beat of the heart is in sync with that of another, the song continues. The ones that are verbalized are the vague words in need of being understood, which we always search for and yet haven’t heard of in that music.