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Selcuk Artut / Ikosa

On the verge of colliding with the computational complex forms with their physical reflections on glossy planes, IKOSA is a geometric abstraction with its entangled mathematical structure. Its sculpture form has been realized by rendering the perfect geometry of a convex regular icosahedron. While the intersecting three golden ratio planes at perpendicular angles organizes the infrastructure of the main body, the edges are woven together with the strip of steel wires. Consequently, the surfaces contain twenty equal triangular faces. The underlying golden ratio structure generates a Platonic perfect geometry that is superficial to earthy forms.

In IKOSA, we are observing a marriage of physical perfect forms with computational visual structures. The core of the piece has been surrounded by six satellite sound generators interconnected together on a network. The sound generators are being played aloud with vertical sound bars resonating sustained melodies along with micro sonic structures. The interaction between the core of the piece and the sound generators are carried out in a pseudo-random manner. The synthesis of visual forms with six-channel sounds creates an immersive installation experience with representing an ambiguity of the real and the unreal.

Exhibited at Plugin, Contemporary Istanbul 2018