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If These Walls Could Hush

Selcuk Artut / If These Walls Could Hush

Artist Book

Publisher: Zilberman Gallery, 2020

‘‘Silence is a coincidence. You happen to find yourself in it. There are so many sounds around you and you don’t hear any of them. For a moment you plunge into emptiness as if breaking away from life. You hide behind that invisible curtain in a quiet manner. This might be a way of holding yourself together. Listening to sheer silence becomes a kind of involuntary response to keeping yourself out of all the chaos. You keep looking for the
sound of silence, where it is hidden, even if there is no access to it.
Our lives are surrounded by walls. Even though we try to bury and hide all our secret experiences under a tree, they sprout and come out into the sun. Yet walls do not want to hide anything. They have peculiar colors, smells, textures, as well as sounds, although we think we will never hear them. It might be that they are not struggling to be heard but actually, walls do have a language. And the good thing is, they never lie. They do not try to hide from anyone what is happening, all the treachery and the wrath. Pale marks behind paintings removed from the wall, holes plastered over, migrated patch paints and the like always carry something from past to today, tomorrow, to us and what is not with us.
If you listen carefully, you may notice what those seemingly quiet walls are actually trying to tell you. Touching the keys on a piano that has remained silent for years and years instantly breaks its silence and expresses generously all the sounds it possesses. It is often music that turns into sound, but what we hear is also a memory transformed into sound. This is exactly why sounds fail to lie. The sound speaks for itself, our task is to notice the effort.
Those sounds keep playing inside you, trying not to bore you. Then a sound comes out, sometimes whispering to you. You don’t want to pay attention to what you hear. You can never tell anyone else. What you hear marks the moment of witnessing everything. You want to forget and you do.’’

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