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Geometric Patterns with Creative Coding: Coding for the Arts

Selcuk Artut / Geometric Patterns with Creative Coding: Coding for the Arts

In this book, I intend to present multiple layers of issues, all of which are important to me. To begin, I would like to emphasize that our perspective on the history of art should be handled in an all-encompassing manner and that it should not belong to any particular group or period. I believe that the history of art should be understood as a complex dialogue between various periods and cultures and that this dialogue should be embraced for its richness and diversity. By exploring the works of artists, writers, and scholars from across the world and throughout the ages, we can gain an appreciation for the interdependence of art, culture, and history. Second, I would like to reveal that the abstractions that can be achieved through the art of geometry in retrospect are the source of inspiration for the media art of today. I want to bring to light the connections that have been hidden for so long between the geometric art of the past and the generative art of the present. By doing so, I hope to highlight the power of geometry and abstract art to influence and shape our current artistic practice. Third, I would like to encourage future research on this topic by proposing as a definition the dialectical creativity that emerges from the unification of humans and technology. Through this definition, I hope to demonstrate the potential of media art to synthesize different disciplines into a meaningful whole. This book presents a series of workflows for analyzing twenty three distinct geometric patterns and producing them through creative coding. In the “Patterns Index” section that follows, you will see that I have ordered these patterns in a list from easiest to most difficult to handle. Working through the book, I hope that you will get a solid understanding of the computer-generated geometric patterns, along with code samples, to create your own unique designs. At the beginning of each workflow, you will also find a piece of artwork that was created using that particular motif. Utilizing the open source code resources that are at your disposal will also allow you to produce works of this nature. My goal is to maintain the traditional anonymous stance on the art of geometry through the use of open source collaboration. Sharing is caring! During the time that I was writing the book, I was filled with a lot of excitement and pleasure, and I hope that you can feel the same way. I also hope that you can take away from the book an appreciation for geometry and abstract art and their influence on our culture.

ASIN ‏ : ‎ B0C389C1QH
Publisher ‏ : ‎ Apress (July 12, 2023)

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