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Selcuk Artut / Geomart-uts-two

Artwork: Geomart-uts-two
Technic: Technological Arts, Creative Coding, Geometric Arts

Geometric patterns sometimes appear as the reflection of an order we observe in nature, and sometimes as the abstract results of an intuitive process that emerges with different techniques applied. Geometric patterns, obtained with the help of a simple compass and ruler, reveal a rich world with their complex structures and flawless layouts in the visual content they present to us.

In this work titled Geomart-ut, I am trying to present a transformation in which simple geometric forms can gain movement and turn into complex structures in a world of perception where meaning takes its breath away from expression. I wish to make visible the connections between the geometric art of the past and the generative art of the present, shrouded in mist. The moving patterns you see in this study have been obtained from many visual contents that exist in history ranging from Beyşehir Eşrefoğlu Mosque, Istanbul Yavuz Sultan Selim Mosque to the Alhambra Palace.