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Selcuk Artut / Geomart-ut24

Artwork: Geomart-ut24
Technic: Technological Arts, Creative Coding, Geometric Arts
Year: 2023 (Exhibited at the 10th Mediations Biennale Asia-Europe)

Geometric patterns sometimes appear as a reflection of an order we observe in nature, and sometimes as abstract results of an intuitive process that emerges with different techniques applied. The geometric patterns obtained with the help of a simple compass and ruler reveal a prosperous world with their complex structures that appear at different levels in the visual content they offer us, as well as their perfect layout. In the art of geometry, which takes its inspiration from deep abstractions, we encounter some mysterious bridges that are tried to be built between the representation and the imagined. When these bridges are skillfully built, they have a simple structure that allows us to look through a window that leads to absoluteness, repetition, eternity, simplicity, complexity, order, and chaos.
In this series of works titled Geomart-ut, I try to present a transformation where simple geometric forms can gain movement and turn into complex structures in a world of perception where meaning takes its breath away from expression. I wish to make visible the connections between the past’s geometric art and the present’s generative art, shrouded in mist.