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Electricity is not a man-made invention. It is a resource that alters mankind with its widespread use. The world has rapidly changed when humans had succeeded in ruling over electricity as a result of their drive to control. When John Cage was talking about Electronic Music, he mentioned the dilation of the concepts in music. As long as electricity exists, the musical note could be eternally long, and sound could be generated in much higher volumes. Artworks also discovered new positions in the changing and improving dimensions. Jean Tinguely prefers to show all the operational parts of the system while forming his kinetic works on electric structures installed on mechanical systems. The work became mechanized and the noise became a part of it. In this sense, chaos fed humans as a fruit of the Industrial Revolution and the World Wars.
Forever Series is a minimal and perfectionist-bearing series of works that examine the structure of chaos and machines from a different perspective. As long as electricity exists, perfect global forms that continue to do their programmed movements will wander an infallible line of the physical world in a minimalist manner. This wandering status will be obtained in a kind of repetition that will withdraw people from thinking. Chaos will become normal and eternity will extend to repetition.